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- Audio File Type: Broadcast Wave (.wav)

- Bit Depth: 24 bits

- Sample Rate: 48kHz

- Handles: Minimum of 5 Seconds (125 frames)


Audio must be delivered as an embedded AAF or OMF file, which contains all audio within a single file


Timecode format of AAF/OMF must match that of the corresponding video


Make sure all desired audio is enabled.


( Please note: Embedded OMF 2.0 file types have a file size limit of 2GB. If your project is larger than this, please split the project by reels of no longer than 20 min and note the exact timecode of the start and stop for each reel. )



Please ensure AAF/OMF tracks are organized neatly in stems format. The layout should be as follows:
- Dialogue Tracks (Interviews/Hosts/Characters Dialogue)
- Narration Track (for documentaries/infotainment programmes)
- SOT (Sound on Tape) / Location Sound/ PFX (Production effects) Tracks
- Music Tracks
- Music Effects Tracks (Sound effects with musical elements eg. Drum hit, xylophone etc.)
- SFX Track (Sound effects from libraries)
- Ambience / Location Ambience (for Drama)


- Quicktime Movie file with visual burnt-in timecode in the lower-thirds.

- Video frame rate must match frame rate of the exported OMF / AAF sequence(s).

- File Types: Apple Pro Res Proxy (Preferred), Avid DnxHD, H.264 (preferably not)

- Resolution: HD 1920x1080 (Preferred)

- Audio: Left / Right Stereo file for reference embedded in video



Broadcast Technical Specification Sheet:
It will be advantageous to provide us with the broadcast station’s/channel network’s technical specification sheet before the start of the project. Please ensure that the video editors follow the required specification eg. Programme start time-code, commercial break black duration etc. for a better workflow of the project.


Premiere Pro AAF Export


Avid AAF Export



If you're confused on how to properly export your audio please check out this video.

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